2015 RECAP

Twenty-five Division One Coaches and Professional Scouts gathered at John Paul II High School in Plano, TX on the weekend December 4-6, 2015 to coach, evaluate, teach and connect with 68 Baseball players.  Players from the states of Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas were encouraged to "Play the Game" and not simply focus on their individual accomplishments and measurements.  

Beautiful weather, intense competition and great food filled the weekend.  Friends were discovered, evaluations calculated, and bodies tired as the quality of play improved each day and night of the Texas Pro Showcase.  The weekend culminated on Sunday with Baseball Chapel led by Brandon Agamennone and Matt Anderson along with a Pro Scouting workout and subsequent signing of Gabe Noyalis from PA who was a former camp attender of Matt Anderson's.  

The talent pool for the first Texas Pro Showcase was unbelievable with 40 different hitters and 19 different pitcher receiving at least 1 evaluation believing that they could play Division One baseball.  There were many 2017 and 2018 players who took their first steps toward college baseball on the weekend.
In addition to the 25 Camp staff coaches/scouts, the following coaches/scouts attended the event looking for players:
  • Baltimore Orioles, San Diego Padres, Boston Red Sox and the Pittsburgh Pirates all had professional scouts in attendance.
  • Fort Scott Community College, Baton Rouge Community College and Navorro College had coaches representing the Junior College Ranks.
***** Fort Scott Community College signed Ben McConnell as a result of the Texas Pro Showcase weekend.  ******
Camp MVP Awards
MVP Hitter - Everrett Harris -3B- Frisco HS - 2017

MVP Pitcher - Simeon Woods-Richardson - IH Kempner HS - 2018

MVP Defensive Player - Michael Chambers - CA - John Paul II HS - 2016
2015 STAFF

Wichita State U - Mike Siriani (Volunteer Assistant Coach)
​Baylor U - Rudy Noriega (Volunteer Assistant Coach)
Oklahoma U - Rudy Darrow (Volunteer Assistant Coach)
Texas-Arlington - Fuller Smith (Assistant Coach)
Texas Christian U - Bill Mosiello (Associate Head Coach)
Alabama U - Mitch Gaspard (Head Coach)
Arkansas U - Tony Vitello (Recuiting Coordinator)
Lousiana-Monroe - Chris Smith (Pitching Coach)
Missouri​ - Brett Peel (Volunteer Assistant Coach)
Oral Roberts U - Todd George (Volunteer Assistant Coach)
Boston Red Sox - Jim Robinson (Midwest Crosschecker)
​St. Louis U - Connor Gandossy (Volunteer Assistant Coach)
George Washington U - Dave Lorber (Recruiting Coordinator)
Brown University - Bill Murphy (Pitching Coach)
U Cincinnati - Ted Tom (Assistant Coach)
McNeese State U - Nick Zaleski (Volunteer Assistant Coach)
U Ark-Little Rock - Matt Farmer (Volunteer Assistant Coach)
Stephen F Austin U - Johnny Cardenas (Head Coach)
Texas A&M - Jake Carlson (Volunteer Assistant Coach)
​Tulane U - Brian Meyer (Director of Baseball Ops)
Dallas Baptist U - Craig Parry (Assistant Coach)
​Toronto Blue Jays - Blake Davis (National Crosschecker)
San Diego Padres - Brandon Agamennone (Scout)
​Houston Baptist U​​​ - Colin Hetzler (Volunteer Assistant Coach)
Matt Anderson - Toronto Blue Jays (Professional Scout)
MVP Hitter (Voting)

Everrett Harris 5
Braxton Fulford 2
Colby Delashaw 2
Jacob Nesbit 2
Michael Chambers 2
PJ Harris 2
Campbell Schultz 1
Ben McConnell 1
Griffith Olinde 1
MVP Pitcher (Voting)

Simeon Woods-Richardson 15
Christian Rawlings 2
TJ Mullins 1
Caleb Black 1
Best Defensive Player (Voting)
Michael Chambers 6
Landon Longsworth 4
Jacob Nesbit 4
Braxton Fulford 3
Jonathan Chavez 1
Everrett Harris 1
Top 60 Yard Dash Times:

1. Robert Malone - 6.45 
2. Ben McConnell - 6.53 
3. Jacob Nesbit - 6.65 
4. Mason Holt - 6.70
TPS Hitters Rankings:

1. Jacob Nesbit 
2. PJ Harris 
3. Matt Gonzalez 
4. Everrett Harris 
5. Ben McConnell
TPS Power Rankings: 

1. PJ Harris 
2. Matt Gonzalez 
3. Jacob Nesbit 
4. Everrett Harris 
5. Michael Chambers 
6. Griffith Olinde
TPS Arm Ranks:

1. Michael Chambers 
2. Jacob Nesbit 
3. TJ Mullins 
4. Landon Longsworth 
5. Kaleb McCullough 
6. Austin Gross 
7. Braxton Fulford
TPS Breaking Ball Ranks:

1. Christian Rawlings 
2. TJ Mullins 
3. Stanton Lohrengel 
4. Landon Longsworth 
5. Simeon Woods-Richardson 
6. Caleb Black
TPS FB Ranks:

1. Simeon Woods-Richardson
2. Michael Chambers
3. TJ Mullins
4. Landon Longsworth
5. Christian Rawlings
6. Caleb Balck
7. Jonathan Chavez
8. Chase Van Dyk
Top D1 Player Rankings: 

1. Everrett Harris 
2. Michael Chambers 
3. Jacob Nesbit 
4. Austin Gross 
5. Braxton Fulford
6. PJ Harris 
7. Peyton Lewis 
8. Simeon Woods-Richardson 
9. Jack Wehrly 
10. TJ Mullins
TPS D1 Pitcher Rankings: 

1. Caleb Balck 
2. Simeon Woods-Richardson 
3. Chase Van Dyk 
4. Christian Rawlings 
5. TJ Mullins
6. Stanton Lohrengel 
7. Zach Hurtt 
8. Landon Longsworth 
9. Chase Dickson 
10. Jacob Crabtree
Great Sunday morning at Baseball Chapel where Brandon Agamennone and Matt Anderson proclaimed the Gospel of Christ crucified.  Much thanks to the players and coaches that came out early!
The weekend closed with a special moment when Gabe Noyalis of Williamsport, PA agreed with Matt Anderson of the Toronto Blue Jays to contract terms to start his professional career.  Gabe had attended Matt Anderson's baseball camp in 2009, played college baseball in PA and came to Texas in hopes of signing a professional contract.  Gabe's hard work paid off following a great workout.  Most definitely a special way to end a special baseball weekend!
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