Driven by the desire to give our players the greatest return on their investment, the 2017 Texas Pro Showcase is making the following changes to the event:

1.  Staff will consist mostly of professional baseball scouts and professional coaches.  We are shifting towards a professional level to offer a unique experience.  We believe the collective nature of professional scouts connectivity and networking will aid in advising, instructing and helping players.

2.  There will be NO Division I coaches attending the event. The dates for the camp occur within the NCAA Division I closed recruiting period. The strength of the professional baseball staff is second to none with connections to all levels of baseball including Division I.

3.  Division II, III, NAIA and JC coaches will be able to attend the event and have full access to the players and information.   We saw successful connections from the 2016 event for those levels and believe these will continue. 

4.  We will  directly email each player's evaluation to 5 schools of their choice in order to present the player as a prospective recruit.  The evaluation will carry the full backing of the Texas Pro Showcase.  We feel this is a strong connectivity point for players with all levels of college recruiting.  Personal capturing of video  of your son during the event is encouraged.

5.  Our greatest desire remains to serve our attendees by helping them understand their abilities, offering professional instruction, and assisting in bridging the gap to post high school  play.  The previous discussed changes are motivated by meeting this goal. 


05:00 Registration                
05:30 Opening talk                
05:45 Team Warmup                
06:00 Skills Evaluations Part One
07:00 Skills Evaluations Part Two
09:30 Day One Close   
08:30 Warm up - Team 1 vs Team 2  
09:00 Pre-Game INF - Team 1 vs 2
09:30 Game #1 - Team 1 vs Team 2
11:15 Pre-Game INF - Team 3 vs 4
11:30 Game #2 - Team 3 vs Team 4
01:00 Catcher's Defensive Challenge
01:45 Infield Double Play Challenge
02:30 Game #3 - Team 1 vs Team 3
04:15 Game #4 - Team 2 vs Team 4
06:00 Day Two Ends    
08:00 Baseball Chapel
08:30 On field BP
09:15 Game #5 - Team 1 vs Team 4
11:15 On field BP
12:00 Game #6 - Team 2 vs Team 3
02:00 Defensive Skills Challenge 
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